Calling out all Yemeni American Professionals:

As part of the 1st phase of releasing our mentoring platform*, we are requesting Yemeni American Professionals from all fields to sign up as mentors. This is an opportunity for all professionals to give back to our Yemeni American community by providing guidance or motivation for the younger generation to advance their educational and career endeavors.

We are asking mentors to commit several “30 minute” sessions per week or month. These sessions can be on-time sessions or progress into a monthly check-in series. It will depend on the mentor’s approach and the flow of the conversation. We are expecting the mentors to fulfill their commitments, initiate the mentoring session, lead the conversation, and ensure it takes place.

We look forward to great participation. Please share this with your fellow Yemeni American Professionals and help us transform our community by creating an environment of support, motivation, and guidance towards education and professional development.

*Until we officially launch the platform for mentees (planned for early January), reservations of mentoring sessions is not available at this time.


How does the AAYSP mentoring platform (website) work?

1. Mentors fill out a simple form below, providing specific time availability for a “30 minute” sessions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

2. Each mentor is listed on our list of available mentors, which students and younger professionals (mentees) will eventually browse and identify a mentor they want to connect with for certain advice or guidance.

3. The website includes a booking feature that enables the mentee to book a mentor based only on their specific availability. The mentee has to choose a “30 minute” session from the available options.

4. The booking details along with information about the mentee will be sent to the mentor. The mentor then choose the best method of engaging with the mentee (via phone call or setup a zoom call) based on the specific time booked. At this point, we expect the mentor to be responsible for initiating the session and connecting with mentee.